my weekend at home...

...was spent getting pampered with my Mother, lighting incense and taking a drive with Adrian, enjoying a Chai with Elena, chatting in Rachel's kitchen, driving Erik's newly turbo Jetta as an experiment, overlooking Walnut Grove with Liz, talking in the kitchen with Laura, going for a drive through the fall colors with Britt, dining with my father, admiring Christy's dreadlock and new shoes, and spending some time in Tim Hortons with my good friend Spiro.

(she insisted.)

i enjoyed the darkness of my own room, the green color of my walls, the fantastic meals, and the joy of being with the people i love and am loved by.
i stayed up late in front of a fire. i didn't do any homework.
i caught a Mark Ruffalo flick on late night t.v.

i sat waiting in Calgary. twice.

then i thought of Bonnie and how much i love living in Winnipeg.


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