Je ne sais quoi.

I don't know what.
an indescribable quality. a certain something.
an essence. a spark.

Can words like this ever be sincere?

Explain this to me.


Blogger hoardingsanity said...

no. they cannot.
there's isn't such a thing you see, for if there were, you wouldn't even know to say that you don't know how to not explain yourself.

the only beliefs we have are the beliefs that we can articulate, otherwise, how would we be able to make sense of them??

July 02, 2006 7:05 p.m.  
Blogger rintrah said...

frustration, anguish, torment.

peace, contentment, love.

these are ideas that cannot be articulated. They are expressed but not articulated. They may be said but words are inadequate.

A sound, a smell, a colour.

these are ideas that can be spoken of only in relation to another sound, smell, colour.

hopelessness is found in the pursuit of the perfect word. and hopelessness is best expressed by holding onto someone dear and just being.

love as well.

and making sense of the world is an exercise in futility. no one else's words will ever be adequate. but a simple jesture can sum up the entirity of existence.

and this is my hand reaching out as I say "Je ne sais jamais ce qui."

July 02, 2006 7:48 p.m.  

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