unexpected volks.

these are beginning to become somewhat less clandestine than perhaps i'm even comfortable with.
but somehow, the need to make these words public seems important.

and after cranberry juice and a clove,
something has become apparent.

i had an unexpected telephone call tonight.
from someone i talk to very seldom.
but this individual is precious to me. someone i will know forever.
we discussed parents. similar problems. long nights. valentines day.
all these things we met on.
if i wasn't relying on MTS i'm sure our conversation could have lasted much longer.
this was a rare evening indeed.
when our moods and opinions coincided.
but how valuable this conversation was to me.
we discussed not the need for nicotine, but for the ambience created when inhaling it.
i think we are alike more than i think.

here's a little part of this person.

although there is more to him than this.
i'm certain of it.


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