a night of music:

There are songs that have the ability to get you through a long night: whatever the situation, whatever the mood, whatever the time, you know what you need to hear in those moments.
It's a select number of songs, however, that can do this for a person. It is a very subjective exercise. A question that i have is: are there any songs that can universally have a 'soothing' effect on people?
here are some of the highlights that were brought into the atmosphere of last night.
these are just a few of the artists that have really "been there" for the three of us:

chet baker. ani difranco.
the beatles. wilco.

marvin gaye. ween.
sigur ros. the cardigans.
billie holiday. radiohead.
propaghandi. greg mcpherson.
cat power. hayden.

they are the beautiful songs that are paralleled only by a good thought or a kiss on the mouth...


Anonymous See. Jay. See said...

I dunno bout songs, but i'm pretty darn sure your voice is universally soothing! I've survived many a long night with your sultry voice gently druming my tympanic membrane. oh, yeah!

January 31, 2006 9:21 a.m.  

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