Ray Charles is now on the calendar.
i think that means it's February.

a nice change from John Lennon.

we see a lot of him around here.
he's all over the walls, even on a pillow.
(but on the pillow it's pop art. that makes it okay. somehow pop art makes everything okay.)

Andy Warhol.

i had a few failed theories today, like many other days.
but today those failures were contrasted with a few kind words.
a few of those words were from someone in a multi-purpose room.
the others were from a somewhat unexpected person in the hallway of the apartment building i live in.

a star is now hanging in my window. a white star.
it creates a soft light in the room.
i bet it looks nice from the street outside too.

i believe that it is now Friday. thank God.
who knew a glass of port could taste so good?
(like syrup.)


Blogger Sharelle said...

hey - there is absolutely no need to justify that beatles pillow case as pop art or what have you. that thing is gold. pure gold.

and this post is coming on my screen as "untitled". how very poetic....

February 03, 2006 1:49 a.m.  

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