Incense rising out of the sunroof.
Common interpretations of beauty.
An explanation of a new affection.
The story not done justice.

Two-step around the room.

Relentlessly melancholy.
Just as I would choose it to be.
I'm seeing that character strengths can disguise themselves easily as flaws.
And that we are lazy with the ones we love most.

I keep looking for imperfections, but only as a way to figure things out.
There is nothing unlivable, certainly.

As the song says...

this is the sound of settling.


Blogger melanie said...

...i hope your adventure is as exciting as ever. mine went off to have an ellipsis. thats okay. obla di obla da. i hope you get this. i hope we can talk soon. i hope you are enjoying life and every ounce of breath that is in it. i hope some day we can listen to this new song that i heard that stings me utterly speechless. i'd like to share that with you again, my friend. that and a little christmas (which, funnily enough, after we chatted via telephone i went and bought me a little bit of an early christmas present. have been enjoying them ever since :) miss you loads.

August 30, 2006 10:45 p.m.  

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