Today in the news:
Car accident, killing three.
Fashionable Drink mixes.

and Concert announcements upon Concert announcements:

TV on the Radio: March 24th at the Commodore Ballroom

You Say Party! We Say Die! : March 26th at Richards on Richards

Mew: April 3rd at Richards on Richards
Great Lake Swimmers: April 5th at Richards on Richards
Whitey: April 9th at the Media Club
Appleseed Cast: April 10th at Richards on Richards
Trans Am: April 24th at Richards on Richards
Damien Rice: April 24th at the Centre for Performing Arts
Coachella Music Festival:

featuring Bjork, Interpol, Brazillian Girls, the Arcade Fire, Explosions in the Sky, Of Montreal, Andrew Bird, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the Decemberists, and Rage Against the Machine:
April 27 - 29th in Indio, California

LCD Soundsystem: May 3rd at the Commodore Ballroom

!!! : May 4th at Richards on Richards

Explosions in the Sky: May 5th at the Croatian Cultural Centre

Sasquatch Music Festival:

featuring Bjork, the Arcade Fire, Neko Case, MIA, The Hold Steady, Grizzly Bear, Mirah, Viva Voce, The Thermals: May 27-28th at the Gorge, Washington

Annnd... Neon Bible has been released.
If you don't have it already, it's high time to pick it up.
It's anthemic, orchestral and just beautiful.
CBC3 has even honored them by making March 6th Arcade Fire Day...


Blogger Spiro said...

SO, i'm going to go see the arcade fire in vancouver. totally psyched.

April 08, 2007 8:16 p.m.  

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