this is dinner.
I've been making up songs lately. they're not very good. this is probably due to them being stream of consciousness and not very well planned, but i don't think it even matters, because i do it mostly to make Johannes laugh. he almost always does. i like this part of him.
today i got reamed out while i was at work by the principle of a high school in the area in which i live. i took his order wrong and he made me cry.
my eyes got so red that i had to go outside and let the wind take away some of my body temperature. it wasn't a good day. but it's okay, because many reassuring words were spoken to me, plus, my dinner was steaming and ready when i got home from my long day.
(another part of Johannes that i like, he takes care of me. good care, too.)

another thing worth noting is this: i realize that I've changed.

i'm much less serious than i used to be. i like to laugh more now. i LOVE making people laugh, mostly Johannes though, because then he thinks i'm funny AND cute.
These days, i feel better about myself i think. i'm not so concerned with being mysterious, which was my insecurity speaking.
also, i listen to Peter Gabriel with much love in my heart for him.

and, finally, I don't worry about being so 'deep' and 'cool' anymore (well, not ALL the time), i'd rather just be nice.

pour example: this is me.....

but so is this.


Blogger aaronrussin said...

i knew it! that person you were pretending not to be turned out to be pretty awesome/wicked/wicked-awesome.

also, people who yell at people and make them cry because they 'screwed up their order' are douches and are not to be trusted with children and are bad people with no moral empathy for the rest of humanity. they're probably rapists/murderes/murder-rapists. or not.

June 19, 2008 4:36 a.m.  
Blogger Spiro said...

i like both, as long as they're both YOU.

love you kid.

June 19, 2008 11:41 p.m.  
Blogger the tapered pant said...

i love you kid. it's not that i didn't like the mystery...i knew it well and i loved it often, but like i wrote you the other day, it was the time we spent laughing, and playing and singing and dancing that I miss the most. I'm glad you've found the freedom to be. whoever you want.

June 20, 2008 10:08 p.m.  
Blogger Mel said...

the kristina i always so loved.
and miss.

i love this post.

June 21, 2008 8:29 p.m.  
Blogger brittany said...


thank you for that.

couldnt love you more.

June 25, 2008 5:45 p.m.  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

kristina coming alive! that's wonderful. you should make those wacky faces more often because they are actually rather sexy (shock!).

June 27, 2008 12:29 a.m.  
Blogger Spiro said...

i just keep on coming back to re-read this, i love you so much.

July 10, 2008 11:11 p.m.  
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