chemical influence

i was once asked by a good friend,
"if something is created under a chemical influence
(assuming she was referring to either drugs or alcohol)
is it a legitimate piece of art?"

i recently came to the conclusion that it was. legitimate that is.
many people create art after a spiritual encounter, or perhaps an extraordinary dream.
these experiences often have the same effect on a person as substance abuse might.
watching a short documentary on this subject (provided by
MuchMoreMusic) reassured me.
drugs are not something that make a person more creative.
//in the sense that they, in themselves, can not find creativity in thin air.//
they simply influence your mind in such a way that you are taken to an elated place where you think of things you might not otherwise think of in a conscious state.
so in this sense, drugs themselves are not creating any kind of thought.
they are simply stirring creativity.

...and you've got to be kidding me if you can't call Radiohead a legitimate band. who else could come up with such haunting and unexplainable images if they were completely drug free?


it looks better on paper.

it is easy to write things simply because they look good on paper:

everyone around me seems to be genius at something.
creative in some beautiful way.

but many times i see this creativity completely impersonally.
almost as if it doesn't exist at all.

perhaps this is why the internet situation isn't a good one.
you can create a whole false identity for yourself.

all the resources to be creative without your own ideas, thoughts, or images are all at your disposal.
more than that, it is possible to make it through life without anyone ever really knowing all of you.
this is frightening.
frightening both to be known and not known.

watch yourself as you write.
you might find yourself thinking you feel something because of this interesting fusion between real emotion and aesthetic appeal.




can art save the world?

can music save the world?

i'm trying to figure out whether abstract art and abstract music can save the world?
(not being sure what this term "save the world" really means)
I think they can in that they change our way of thinking beyond what is humanly possible without certain kinds of outside influences.

But art in itself is a creative outlet, and often not a whole lot more.
In my recent conversations, people have bashed the meaning of art.

they see it as a dull tool.
"only the foolish and uneducated become artists. "

i have to admit, conceptual art is one of my first loves.
it is the place where my thinking is expanded tenfold.


do not ever expect to be appreciated.
women in particular will always be underappreciated.

this does not mean however, that gender must be the only real issue here. it is instead, perhaps the role of women. our lot in life is not particuarly one of importance. is this the way it has been designed for us>
this is why i choose not to be a secretary for the rest of my life.
or another aimless job where i carry papers from one desk to another.
no one will ever appreciate you the way you'd like them to.
should they> do you even deserve it>

expecting this kind of appreciation will end in grave disappointment.
this is a similar downfall of motherhood.
why does appreciation mean so much to people>



if you have any interest in aesthetics or the philosophy of art, read about it here. it might change your life. it might not.

also, if you have any theories on how beauty originally came to our senses, post a comment. i'd love to hear it.
(i'll be attempting to write somewhat of a book on this subject, beginning quickly, and i'd love to hear some insightful perspectives.)


what is it about trees that can be so enlightening?
i have been told that enlightenment is only for Buddhists.
recently, i attended at conference on all the World Religions.
what is it about Buddhism that is so attractive?
perhaps it's the sheer beauty of their meditative practices that gets me. moments spent in complete quietness, examining the mental energy in their minds.
sounds worldly.
sounds like it's apart from God.
but perhaps it doesn't have to be.
interesting that while Siddhartha was sitting under a tree, he first found enlightenment.
i think they will always be intriguing.

trees that is.

to say something about beauty

enjoy all the most pleasurable moments alone.
if you possibly can.
watch smoke rise.
allow yourself to be addicted to beauty.
but not hedonism.
let the cd spin the whole way through.
never allow something pure to turn corrupt.
listen to others judgments (but only apply them when necessary.)
don't read too much of one thing.
allow for exploration.

and watch for those damn Liberals.


if you find me -

i hope you are a cp.

if not - this is not for you.