Fuck You Dov Charney. Fuck You.

Here are the facts:

1 in 4: The number of women raped and/or physically assaulted by a current or former spouse, cohabiting partner, or dating partner/acquaintance at some time in their lifetime. (for men: 7.6 out of 100)
1.3 Million: The number of women physically assaulted by an intimate partner annually in the United States. (for men: 835,000)
20: The percentage of nonfatal violence against women committed by an intimate partner. (for men: 3)
33: The percentage of female murder victims who were killed by an intimate. (for male murder victims: 4%)
1,247: The number of women killed by an intimate partner in 2000. (for men: 440)
2/3rds: The percentage of women killed by firearms who were killed by an intimate partner.
1,006,970: The number of women stalked annually in the United States.
84: The percent of spouse abuse victims who are female.

-Jill (from Feministe.com)


i still listen to the cure.
smoke cigarettes.
drink wine.
eat meat.
eat foreign vegetables.
eat Second Slice pizza.
stay up late.
never finish books.
obsess about apologizing and loneliness.

somehow I think i should know better by now.
and part of me cares deeply about altering my choices.
part of me can not be bothered.
there is another part of me, a greater part, however, that aches knowing that i'm not a better person.
a better writer.

so i sit. here. in victoria. thinking about what city is next.
some people know what i have in mind.
most do not.
i plan to keep it that way for a bit.
until i am a little more settled in my head.

i have hardly written this year.
that pains me.
looking back always does.
but this is just it.
ihave a bed partner. a friend. a feminist. a book finisher. a cook. a collector.
he has become my life. although i am aware of the kind of response i may receive in response to such a statement,
it. is. okay.

now what i deal with on a daily basis are questions of time, trust, space, response, observation, ability, compatibility, judgement, and peace.

lists kristina. always with the lists.